Why Korean Movies So Appreciated Over The World

CeevitNovember 16, 2020

South Korea is one of the largest cinema industries in the world. South Korea is one of those countries where the film industry is massive and robust, as everyone loves watching movies. The cinema of South Korea refers to the film industry of South Korea from 1945 to the present. In the present world, hearing the name of South Korean cinema increases people’s interest. Do you know the reason behind the success of this movie industry? Here I am going to discuss with you why Korean movies are so appreciated over the world. Keep reading.

History About South Korean Film Industry

In the cinema industry, south Korea has been working since 1945. This industry’s journey started a long time ago, but the success came a few decades ago almost two decades. South Korea has been gifting some masterpiece movies from the last two decades, and these movies make such a stir in the world. South Korean cinema Industry put them at a reputable place in the present competition over the world. If we talk about the parasite movie, this is the first Oscar winner Korean movie in Korean cinema history.

Recent Controversy About South Korean Movies

South Korean movies are in great demand in America and American countries. Not only the American or American countries, but they have also done business all over the world. Do you know what is South Korea’s first International Oscar-winning movie? It is “Parasite.” Parasite made Oscars history as the first film, not in English, to win the best picture. The capitalist satire also won awards for best director, best original screenplay, and best international film. The President of America, Donald Trump jabs at Parasite’s Oscar win because the film is ‘from South Korea.

Trump said about parasite

He said, “How bad were the Academy Awards this year?. “The winner is a movie from South Korea; what the hell was that all about?”. And he also said that “We got enough problems with South Korea with trade, and on top of it, they give them the best movie of the year.” Trump’s words imply that He is not happy to get a non-English language movie, Oscar. Not only trump, but many people have also said a lot about this movie. But you know, Parasite is the only Korean language movie from the south that got the international award. There are also some masterpiece movies in Korea, such as Train to Busan, Burning, The Host, Old Boy, etc. Whatever anybody says about Korean film, it will hold its quality.

Story Writing  & Movie Making

Have you ever watched at least one Korean Thriller movie? If you watch, you know how smartly they write and directorate their film. If we talk about Korean Drama, then we can’t ignore their creativity. They know what people want to watch, what script and plot people exactly like to watch. Korean drama is well-known worldwide as K-drama. People of every age, every generation likes their drama series. Outstanding movie-making style, clothing, and looks make their drama and movie unique.

Effect Of Netflix

Netflix nowadays collaborating to make K-drama. Netflix is popular worldwide. The special service of Netflix is the subtitle. Although people don’t know the Korean language, English is popular in the world as an international language. So, watching Korean drama and movies with English subtitles on Netflix is one of the most reasonable issues for Korean movies and drama’s popularity. There are lots of cute actresses and actors in the Korean industry. Their unique look makes people attracted to watch whatever they are making.


From the last two decades of success, the South Korean industry has taken a good place in the world of cinema. Many times this industry got jealous of other movie industries for their excellent works. By the way, this industry works all the masterpiece works; if it continues, then it is to be hoped that this industry will compete with Hollywood. I am going to end this article. That’s all my personal opinion. Please don’t get in trouble. If you want to say anything, leave a comment on the below comment box.


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