Why Joong‑sang Tried To Kill Sook‑hee – The Villainess (2017)

CeevitNovember 19, 2020

The leading character, the villainess of this movie, is Kim Ok-bin, and she is in this movie as Sook-hee. We see in this movie Joon-sang (Shin Ha-Kyun) is the savior and husband of Sook-hee. But the story turns in an immoral way; Joon-sang tries to kill her wife Sook-hee and his own daughter. So what is the secret behind that story? Did you get it already? If you want to give your attention to know more about that, you can continue reading. I am gonna try to make this clear to you.

The Villainess (2017)

NB: Spoiler Alert (so read after watching the movie)!

Plot & Storyline

At the starting of “The Villainess” movie, we saw a young girl named Mia hiding under the bed, and someone killed her father. Mia just heard his father’s murderer voice but couldn’t see his face. We saw the man; he is David, Mia’s father’s friend. Mia’s father had a diamond, and David was there for the diamond. But David didn’t get the diamond and took Mia. After 3 years, David sold Mia to someone. And a person named Joong-sang took Mia to his place and trained to make her a strong assassin.

After 10 years, when Mia finds out about her father’s killer David, she tried to kill her, and Joong saves her again and kills David. Mia falls in love with Joong. And they got married. When they headed to Seol for their honeymoon, Joong sang and made a plan to coverup Mia’s father’s killer. So he, with his assistant, fake Joong’s death. Joong’s assistant tells Mia that Joong’s murderer is also Mia’s father’s murderer.

The Villainess

But the truth is they were Joong’s enemy. They made a plan to kill them all using Mia. Mia got so angry and went to kill all the people who were there. Then she was taken by police and handover to an intelligence agency directed by a woman named Ming.

Firstly, you may through that Ming was using Mia, but the truth is, Ming tried to help Mia for a living. She gives her a new identity, money, house.

The intelligence agency gives Mia special training. Mia wanted to escape, and she was unsuccessful. She wanted to die, but she didn’t know that she was pregnant. She then falls into love with someone from the agency, but her ex-husband killed his new husband and daughter. Mia then got angry and tried to find out what’s going on with her. Then what she finds out, she was not really ready for that. Her ex-husband is the murder of her father.

Reason Behind Joong-sang’s Criminal Action

Joong-sang or Buk raised Sook-hee for ten years and saved her two times. They fall in love, and they got married after when Sook becomes 20 years old. The truth is Joong-sang killed Mia’s father. But David was convicted of Mia’s father’s death. David sold her to someone, and Joong brought her due to his guilt for killing her father. His main intention was to make her a strong and trained assassin. He could use her to kill David and his other opponents, but when he finds out that Mia’s online desire to kill his father murdered and that person is him, he tried to kill Mia. Here is the thrill of this movie.

Reason Behind Joong-sang's Criminal Action

So Now The Question Is Why Shin Ha-Kyun Killed Mia’s Father?

The easiest answer is for the diamond. The reason David, Mia’s father’s friend, came to Mia’s house that day when Mia’s father was murder. Both David and Joong knew Mia’s father has the diamond. Joong killed him and took the diamond. And missed Mia. But David took Mia to sell instead of the diamond. Mia was under the bed, so she didn’t see the murderer’s face, but she just heard his voice, the person behind that voice was Shin Ha-Kyun.

Shin Ha-Kyun trained Mia; he knew that Mia would take revenge for her father’s murder. So he tried to escape from mia by making his fake death. He thought, if mia goes to take revenge for him and her father, she will die there, which we saw in the starting scene. But Mia killed them all and was caught by the police and handed over to Ming’s agency controlled. But the main twist is here, Ming knew all of it, and she takes care of Mia then. Stop Mia from escaping because she knew if Mia goes out, she will be killed. Ming trained Mia and make her kill her ex-husband and her father’s murderer Shin Ha-Kyun. Include: Mia had plastic surgery, so Shin Ha-Kyun didn’t recognize her for the first time, then he figured out her identity and tried to kill her daughter and her.


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