The Man From Nowhere: The Story Of A Strange Man

Korean SubtitleNovember 22, 2020

South Korea makes different types of movies every year. Undoubtedly, South Korea is best for these creative types, and they are still keeping their contribution to the film world. They are creating various types of famous and popular movies & TV series from 1945 to the present. They also won so many big awards for these movies and TV series. Among these movies and TV series, The Man From Nowhere is a popular movie in South Korea. Here we are going to write about The Man From Nowhere movie plot and review. This movie is one of the best thriller movies.

This movie’s story is about a man who becomes violent against a gang of drug mafia when the mafia gang kidnaps his only friend.

The Man From Nowhere Plot

The Man From Nowhere is a South Korean action thriller movie of 2010 that originated in the Korean language. A man who doesn’t have any family and friends. He doesn’t talk much with others. I am talking about the leading character of this movie- Chah Tae Sik. He is a shop owner, he buys old things from people, and when people want to get back their things, he sells them with interest. One of his neighbors, Some want to sell his earphone. Somi sometimes comes to him and talk with him. Somi thinks Chah Tae Sik is her friend and Chah Tae Sik thinks so.

The Man From Nowhere Plot


Somi’s mother, Hyo-Jeong, is a bar dancer and drug-addicted. She stole a heroin pack from a drug mafia Myung and hidden in a camera bag. Then she sold that to Chah Tae Sik. But Cha Tae Sik didn’t know that there was a heroin pack in that camera bag. Drug mafia Myung alk Hyo-Jeong for heroin, but she refused to give that back. The mafia gang come to her place and search everywhere but couldn’t found the heroin bag. They then broke Cha Tae Sik’s house lock, and Cha Tae Sik started the action.

They realize that taking from Cha Tae Sik is so difficult, so they kidnaped Somi and ask for the bag. After giving the camera bag, they don’t give back Somi to him. Then Cha Tae Sik becomes violent and goes to their place. He killed all of them, and after a big action scene, he gets back Somi, and the police arrest him.

Movie Summary

You might not get many things yet. There could be some questions. Why is Cha Tae Sik is alone and living this way? Why he became so violent when the drug mafia kidnaped Somi? Why is he so powerful? What would be later, right? Let’s make things clear.

Cha Tae Sik was a military intelligence officer who was a shooting and hand to hand combat expert. One day some other intelligence officer shot him and killed his pregnant wife. After that, he was living alone because he doesn’t have a family.


Somi was the only friend he likes. At some point, it seemed like, Cha Tae Sik like Somi’s mother. But he knew that Somi’s mother is a bar dancer. So he didn’t want to engage with her. The mafia gang sold organs of people, and they were going to do that with Somi because Cha Tae Sik is a powerful person, and he already killed the villain’s brother. Mafia king wanted Cha Tae Sik to teach a lesson. So, he kidnaped Somi and threatened him. Cha Tae Sik tried to stop that and wanted to help Somi. Because Somi is such an adorable girl, he fought for Somi and was able to save her.

In the end, I think Cha Tae Sik will be released and become free from his criminal activity. Because he was a military intelligence officer and he killed the persons who were criminals. He will live with Somi because Somi was his friend, and he, through his daughter, would be like Somi.

My Opinion

I watched this movie more than 5 times. However, I didn’t enjoy the twist after the first time. But I enjoyed the movie a lot every time. People who live alone for reasons. If they love anyone and if they start to care about people, they could give their life for them. That’s reality. I hope you also enjoyed this movie a lot.

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