The King: Eternal Monarch- Do You Believe In Parallel Universes?

CeevitNovember 22, 2020

Do you believe that there is the existence of another world, the same as ours? I know it seems a callous and irrational question to you. But I’m telling you the question is not entirely unreasonable, from the scientific fact, there is a concept that suggests another world existence like ours. I mean, science says that there could be other universes besides our own, where all the choices you made in this life played out in alternate realities. This concept is commonly known as a parallel universe. Is the word sounds familiar to you? This is very normal. This parallel universe concept has made many science fiction movies and series; you may have seen. Here I will talk about a Korean TV Series made by this theory, The King: Eternal Monarch.

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe Explanation From The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch is an audience delighted TV series made in the Korean language. The main plot of this series made by the concept of a Parallel Universe.  These two countries of two different worlds of this series are shown as normal countries with similar faces but set in two different periods. This series showed a world that is considered in between these two worlds (between zero and one), and this concept fully fits with the concept of a parallel universe.

The King eterneal monarch


Is There Really Parallel Universes? What Does Science Say?

The first inventor of the parallel universe is Hugh Everett. He is the man who firstly gives us the multiverse theory. His many-world explication of quantum mechanics emerged from what must have been the most world-changing drinking session of all time. On an evening in 1954, Everett was drinking sherry with his friends in a student hall at Princeton University when he reveals that quantum effects cause the universe to split after many scientists talk about this matter constantly.


You may hear the name of NASA. NASA means National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is an American agency that works on space research. This agency also researches the parallel Universe, and they’re finding claimed the parallel universe’s existence. NASA further says that where time moves backward and physics rules are opposite to that in the Earth. The cosmic ray detection experiment has found particles that could be from a parallel realm that was born out of a big bang.

big bang

About 13.7 billion years ago, everything we know and see in the universe was an infinitesimal singularity. But from this infinitesimal singularity, how was this cosmos created? Scientists explain it as the Big Bang theory, say according to the Big Bang theory, some unknown trigger caused it to expand and inflate in three-dimensional space.

Parallel Universe Explanation

But the question remains, is our world is unique in the universe? Science explanation suggests that there could be other universes besides our own. But will we ever meet that world? Though science hint about the parallel universe but nothing could be done as there was no specific evidence. So this theory is still like a fairy tale.

Similarities Between Drama and Science’s Findings?

The topic of the series and scientist theory are almost the same, but some topics are different. The fact of the scientists speaks that there are some common things between the parallel world. These are air, wind, and time. But in there is no air and no wind too. NASA’s research claimed that there were dry air and the constant wind of high energy particles coming from outer space. A drama speaks about time moving way faster than the actual worlds; NASA states time must be moving backward in the parallel universe.

We have no accurate pieces of evidence to prove the parallel universe’s existence. But one day, it will emerge, I think so. What do you think about the parallel universe? I was hoping you could inform me about your opinion by writing a comment on the below comment box. Thank you.


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