The Classic: South Korean Romance Melodrama Film

CeevitApril 7, 2021

Teenagers have the idea that they should get love in every situation; love is a matter of the mind; it could happen anytime and sometimes unconsciously. The movie I am reviewing is a love triangle movie, name “The Classic.” It is quite impossible to find a man who doesn’t like the love story. The Classic movie would be an ideal choice for the peoples who love to watch romantic movies. This movie has taken romance to another stage. Here I will write about this movie and the plot, story explanation, review, rating, etc. If you are interested, keep reading.

“The Classic” is a thriller made in the 2003 South Korean thriller melodrama genre. Directed by Creative Director Kwak Jae-Yong. And the favorite Son Ye-jin has played a double role in this movie. So without further talking, let’s get started writing the main topic.

The Classic 2003

The Classic Movie Plot (Shortly)

If I am going to tell the full plot of this movie in a few words, then I have to say it is a parallel love story between mother and daughter that has been portrayed in this film. That means this line has made the full plot of this movie. The Classic is a 128-minute production in which the director maintains romanticism throughout the end of the film. One morning Ji-he went to tidy the house and found some old letters and a notebook, writing the love story of his mother, Joo-hee, in the notebook. Ji-Hye kept reading that notebook, and the movie went on like that. Ji-Hye’s mother visits her uncle’s house in the village Joon-ha comes to visit the city there. The two of them are identified that they fall in love with each other.

Their love for him continues even after they return to the city. But coincidentally, Joon-ha’s best friend Tae-soo and Joo-hee’s marriage has been decided from before. Tae-soo and Joon-ha train at the same police academy. Tae-soo tries to commit suicide for the sake of friendship after learning of their love story, but she survives. Joon-ha goes on a mission and loses both his eyes on the mission. When he returned, he told his girlfriend that he was married. Upon hearing of her marriage, Joo-hee marries Tae-soo. But after the wedding, she finds out that her boyfriend Joon-ha lied to her.

In another story, Joo-hee’s daughter Ji-Hye is a college student. He falls in love with his girlfriend’s boyfriend. His name is Sang-min. Once upon a time, Sang-min fell in love with Joo-hee.

Review Of The Classic Movie

Some romantic movies you don’t want to delete from the phone once you watch them. Impossibly favorite romantic movie, The Classic, will always be at the beginning of my romantic movies list. This movie is perfect in all respects as a romantic movie, I watch many romantic movies, but I have found a feel in very few movies like this movie. While watching this movie, you will not realize how emotionally attached you are to this movie; tears may come to your eyes. Both the stories of the movie have been shown in random scenes. There may be randomness in some places due to the similarity of names. Even in the midst of great suspense at the end of the movie, you will see a happy ending.

Rating Of The Classic

I fell in love with the acoustic and piano playing in the background of this movie. This is definitely the best romantic melodrama movie I have seen after A Moment to Remember. This movie has got an 8.9 / 10 rating on IMDB. My personal rating is 9 out of 10.

If you are interested in watching this masterpiece romantic movie, don’t waste your time quickly watching. If this article was helpful to you, don’t forget to comment on the below comment box.

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