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Korean SubtitleNovember 17, 2020

Old Boy (2003) such a masterpiece film in the South Korean Industry. It is a top-quality thriller mystery film in South Korea, released in 2003. This thriller film was co-written and directed by Park Chan-wook, a renowned Korean director and best known for his film Joint Security Area (2000). The Old Boy film starring Choi Min-Sik, Yoo Ji-Tae, Kang Hye-Jung. Here I am going to write about the plot and review of this movie. Stay here and read this article if you are interested.

Plot Of “Old Boy”

Spoiler Alert…!

It is a bloody revenge South Korean film. If you like thriller type film, it is a must-watch movie for you. There can be no thriller movie better than this movie I’ve ever seen. There are some twists in this movie, and some of them feel like cutting stains. I personally want to tell you that you should watch it first before reading this movie’s plot.

Old Boy

Let’s talk about the plot of this movie. Eminent Korean actor Choi Min-Sik is in the Old boy role in this movie, and his name is Oh Dae-Su. Oh Dae-Su is a businessman who is arrested by the police in 1988 for the reason of drinking. Later his friend Joo-hwan picks him up from the police station, but on that night, Oh Dae-Su is kidnapped, and when he wakes up, he discovered himself in a hotel room where is delivered through a trap-door. But Oh Dae-Su doesn’t know why he is kidnapped; nobody tells him. Just like that, he spent 15 years in that room without knowing his kidnapped reason. Finally, one day he rescues himself from this room and comes to the outside world.

It is now 2003, a new century. A lot of things have changed now. Now he is free, but he is desperate for revenge. One day, Dae-Su goes to a restaurant and meets with a young chef name Mi-do, and suddenly he received a phone call from his captor. After talking with his captor, he loses consciousness, and the chef Mi-do takes his to her home. In Mi-do’s apartment, Oh Dae-Su forces himself on Mi-Do in the bathroom. But Mi-do resists him to do it, and later, he explained that is interested in Oh Dae-Su romantically. Gradually, they are both falls in love.

Now Oh Dae-Su is trying to find his daughter’s address and contact number, and Discovering that she was adopted, and he gives up trying to contact her. Still now Oh Dae-Su doesn’t know anything about being a prisoner. But suddenly, Dae-Su’s captor revealed name Lee Woo-jin and gave him an ultimatum that if Dae-Su can uncover the motive for his imprisonment within five days, Woo-jin will kill himself. And if Dae-Su can’t find his imprisonment reason, Woo-jin will kill Mi-do.

Dae-Su started searching for the reason for his imprisonment, and finally, he got it. He remembers that he and Woo-jin had gone to the same school, and he had witnessed Woo-jin committing incest with his own sister. But Dae-Su told the full matter to his friend Joo-hwan what he has seen. As a result, rumors spread, and Woo-jin’s sisters committed suicide and killed herself. And after that, Woo-jin became vengeful.

One day at Woo-jin’s penthouse, he reveals that Mi-do is actually Dae-Su’s daughter. After hearing this, Dae-Su apologized to Woo-jin very painful for not saying it to his daughter. Woo-jin was in control of Mi-do’s meeting and falling in love with Da-Su. Finally, Woo-jin accepted Da-Su’s apologies and killed himself.

Movie Review Of “Old Boy”

Choi Min-Sik, who is in this movie’s main role, is not just an actor; he’s something lot more than that. Maybe he is one of the most natural actors I’ve ever seen. Kang Hye-Jung, who is in this movie as Mi-do, here effortless acting makes this movie more attractive. Yoo Ji-Tae is just brilliant: his best acting is in the climax, which you’re bound to love. This movie never deviates from telling you one of the biggest tales of all time. And I hope this film is successful in fully engages people into watching it till the end. The action scene, visual effects cinematography, everything is very terrific and mind-blowing. Every single character in this movie is decorated very cleverly. I have to say that it is a Masterpiece cinema from the South Korean Industry. If you still don’t believe me, go and watch this movie.

I think I have said a lot; I wrote this article from my personal experience. If I missed something, please let me know. Leave a comment on the below comment box if you want something from me. Thank you.


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