Forgotten: A Man With No Memory Of The Past 19 Days

Korean SubtitleSeptember 10, 2021

Forgotten is a top-rated mystery-thriller film in the Korean language, released in 2017.  The renowned Korean director Jang Hang-Ju directed this movie. This movie is considered one of the best 10 thriller films. This movie’s star cast is Kang Ha-neul, Kim Mu-Yeol, Moon Sung-Keun, and Na Young-hee. Here in this article, I would like to write about the plot, story explanation, and my personal review of this film. Please read this article carefully and know the details of this film.


Movie Plot Of Forgotten (2017)

Spoiler Alert…!

After seeing this movie’s name, you may have guessed that there is a forgotten topic in this film. Yes, this film one of the best 10 thriller mystery Korean movies I have ever seen. Before writing this movie’s plot, I would like to inform you once that you should watch this film if you are interested in watching it. Because if you read the twists, these are in this movie, you will not have these properly.

So let’s start writing the plot of this film. Jin-Seok, who is the main character of this film, moves to their new house with his father, mother, and older brother Yoo-Seok. The new house seems to be familiar to Jin. But some things about their new house were off for him. On a rainy day, he and his brother come to walk outside, but after a moment, his brother Yoo-Seok being kidnapped, and he is the only witness of his brother kidnapped. Suddenly after 19 days, his brother came back home and couldn’t remember what happened these 19 days.

Jin feels that something abnormal is happening with him and starts noticing discrepancies in his family’s personality. After a time, he realizes that the people claim that they are actually not his family member. Tactically he escapes from the house and goes to the police station for a complaint and tells the police officer that he is 21 years old. The officer looked at him with skeptical eyes and asked what years it is? Jin replies that it is 1997. The police officer reveals that it is 2017. Really, Jin saw a lot of new things around him; he was shocked and saw the sign of modern life.

He becomes perplexed that the same “family captures him.” The young man Yoo-Seok tells him that twenty years ago, a little girl and her mother were murdered, and the murderer was Jin. Actually, they are not Jin’s Family. The Victims’ family hired Yoo-Seok to find the murderer. Flashbacks show that Jean was abducted and tortured to confess, but he properly maintained his innocence. Then a psychiatrist suggested that Jin had lost his memory because the event was too traumatic. The psychiatrist seduced Jin back to his last happy memory in 1997; they thought that, if they can re-enact the events of the murder, Jin might remember his memories and tell them what actually happened there. Everything was going according to plan until the Yoo-Seok being arrested.

The opening scene of this film shown that in 1997 Jin with his parents and real brother Yoo-Seok. But suddenly they get an accident, and his parents passed on. Jin’s brother got a serious injury, and to rectify his brother; he desperately needs money. But it is tough for him to arrange money because of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. He tries all the way he knows to arrange money but failed every time. Finally, Jin goes online to seeking a job. Abruptly, an anonymous person sent him a message and told him that he would pay if he can kill someone’s wife but leave the two children unharmed. The conscience mind of Jin doesn’t allow him to do it. Just as Jin was leaving the house, the mother saw him, and After a while, the young daughter starts screaming to see Jin with a knife. And Jin ends up killing them both. The youngest child, a little boy, comes out, and Jin tells him to go to bed.

As he leaves, he discovers that this is actually the family of his brother’s doctor. Now he meets with the doctor and asks him why he killed his own wife? The doctor explains that it was to keep his children from becoming homeless due to the financial crisis; he had taken out multiple insurance policies on his wife. But the problem is that Jin not only killed his wife also killed his daughter. The doctor tries to kill Jin, a struggle goes between them, and the doctor is accidentally pushed to his death.

In the present day, Jin wakes up and sees that the young men Yoo-Seok are going to kill him with poison, but Jin reveals to him that his memory has returned. Then the young man reveals his identity and tells that he was the little boy in the house twenty years ago when Jin killed his mother and sister. After his parents’ death, his relatives took all the money and left him to grow up in an orphanage. Yoo-Seok wants to know the plan of the murder, but Jin takes the entire blame, but the young boy doesn’t believe him.

Now Jin knows that he did the murder; he also commits suicide in the hospital room with the poisonous needle. At the same time, the young man comes to terms with the murder of his family and commits suicide by jumping out of the hospital window.

Forgotten Movie Review

This movie is on the top list of my favorite thriller/ mystery movies of all time. While watching this film, I didn’t feel bored even for a short time. This movie kept my eyes wide open, and my heart rate was beating fast throughout the movie. Several plot twists, a fantastic storyline, and fascinating acting with some emotional events made this film remarkable. If you have not seen this movie yet, go back and watch it quickly. At first, you may feel a bit confused, but as the scenes unfold, all the pieces will come together, and you’ll get to know what’s actually happening.

I hope all the information in this article will be helpful for you. To write this article, sometimes I have taken some information from the internet and use many of my personal opinions. If you have any questions, please inform by leaving a comment. Thank you.


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