Fleabag TV Series (2016 – 2019) Adult Comedy-Drama

Korean SubtitleSeptember 9, 2021

Despite not being a huge fan of Breaking the fourth wall, Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag made me so much joy in the whole series. Phoebe’s unbearable beauty and charm complete her almost all the time when she looks at the camera and speaks her mind. At the end of the series, I watched many videos on YouTube to see the montage of that moment. I wanted to write a review of the Fleabag series, so here am I… Continue reading with me.

Story Line Of Fleabag

This series has only two seasons. As soon as the last season was over, Phoebe said goodbye to a secret friend who had been on a short journey for a few days. It was only 6 episodes per season, every 25-30 minutes in less than 6 hours in total, but I saw a whole coming of age, a young woman in the thirties.

Her only best friend is her only sister, her countless boyfriends or s*x partners, her guinea pig, her stepmother, her father, her sister-in-law, her own personal entity at the center of everything, which often appears to be her enemy. She was laughing all the time; the people around him are stunned. Otherwise, she was in trouble because she was lying to her.

This show is just for those who like great quirky comedy; once again, the British proved that their humor is different. So fast and sharp, nothing else would feel so humorous if someone can get this series. However, 36-year-old Phoebe Waller has been working at Bridge Television for a long time, not only as an actress but also as a writer. She was also part of the screenplay writer for the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die. Can’t an artist like her go to Hollywood?

Fleabag Character’s Impression

While writing the review of Fleabag, I noticed that I couldn’t remember many character’s names in this series. Who is the Fleabag? I don’t remember the name of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character; I remember the name of her sister – Claire; I think there is a special reason for that. Such a great show; I still didn’t binge. Season two 4th and 5th episode has been a bit slow, the rest of the time it was a very fast-paced series. The narration of the series was from the perspective of Phoebe all the time. The writing is so good; I doubt it was possible to write something better than this! There are countless scenes to watch, making it seem like a conversation like this could be used right off the show if it were anywhere else. It is not possible to write a more interesting dialogue on this particular subject.

Season 2 comes almost 3 years after Season 1; the end of season two is so cathartic, nothing is kept for the next season. So, for the time being, there is no possibility of Season 3 coming, sadly because the character like Fleabag is like an addiction. And it’s also true that pulling it will make it harder to maintain the quality of writing. More than 2 seasons, 6 hours is fine. Rather it could be a crossover/special episode.

Season 1 is a story dealing with a lot of trauma as if the girl is running away from something, an uncontrollable, unbound pigeon. It’s fun to watch, but the character is unbearable, much like a bad girlfriend. In Season 2, I found out the secret behind her; it’s been a long time; Phoebe is looking back to the front with some control. But then we have to face a new challenge. The fourth wall breaking also has a funny twist, which at first sight I think everyone ate a big shock, One of the greatest screams on TV moment!

The best director award for directing the 1st episode of Season 2 has also come home. Phoebe Waller-Bridge also won most of the Emmy awards that year, losing to the big nominees, which is a huge deal for a small show. Marvelous Mrs. Meizel also lost to Fleabag. Olivia Coleman fans have found Coleman here in a negative character, almost like Sociopath. Although almost everyone seemed negative in Season 1, Phoebe justified each main character’s motivation beautifully in Season 2. That’s why it feels so full in the end and tears in the end.

My Opinion About Fleabag

It’s unusual to have emotional moments in such a witty show; the balance of season 2’s drama-comedy makes that possible. Some social issues are also cut short, each of which can be a short video. Fleabag is a series that is small but impossible to read; like the best comedies of all time, it can be watched from anywhere. I didn’t do that either, I did the last 4 episodes, but I didn’t want to finish. Couldn’t stay without seeing. Not a mini-series, not a big series; this is a kind of perfect series. Adult series easily understood in less time, because the main character is a sexaholic’.

While there is nothing nudity or disturbing, 18+ cannot be given as there is nothing uncomfortable. However, it is doubtful whether everyone will understand the humor of this TV series or not. I don’t easily recommend any movie or TV series to everyone, but I want to do for this series, although for me, it’s not exactly A+.

My grading: A (Season 1 = B+, Season 2 = A+). Happy watching!

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