Reason Behind The Huge Hit Of Crash Landing On You

Korean SubtitleNovember 17, 2020

South Korea makes different types of movies, dramas, TV series every year. Undoubtedly, South Korea is best for these creative types, and they are still keeping their contribution to the film world. They are creating various types of famous and popular movies or TV series from 1945 to the present. They also won so many big awards for these movies and TV series. Among these movies and TV series, Crash Landing on You is the most popular and the second-highest-rated TV series of all time in South Korea. Here we are going to write the reason behind the huge hit of Crash Landing on You.

Crash Landing on You the Second-highest-rated TV-Series In Korea

Crash Landing on You is a South Korean TV series with a literal title named Love’s Emergency Landing. It is the second-highest-rated TV series in South Korea. Lee Jeong-Hyo has directed this series as the main director. This TV series initially released on TV on December 14, 2019 – February 16, 2020. The main casts of this series are Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Jung-Hyun and, Seo Ji-Hye. It has 16 lists of episodes with a running time of 70–110 minutes. Generally, it is a romantic comedy-drama. This series has gained huge popularity among the audience, so that it is called the second-highest-rated TV series in South Korea.

Reason Behind The Huge Hit Of Crash Landing On You

Why Was Crash Landing on You Such a Huge Hit?

Crash Landing on You has a huge hit to the audience of the whole world. In this TV series, there have some points for which this series gained these types of popularity. When the final episode of this series peaked at a 24.1 per cent rating, it broke records. If we add all the reasons for the huge hit of Crash Landing on You, it will take the whole day to read. So, we add some of the reasons for the huge hit of Crash Landing on You. Check out the reasons below.

A Unique Love Story

There has a cross-border type love story in this TV series. In the South, this inter-Korean love story touched a chord. It is a story between A beautiful South Korean heiress and a handsome soldier. When the soldier conceals her from authorities, the two fall in love, it a tale of forbidden, but that prevails love.

International Politics

Politics behind South and North Kora is revealed in this movie. Greedy powerful people use their power in the wrong way, and they got a lesson for their crime somehow. This movie compassionately showed this.

Impressive Shooting Locations

Shooting location plays an important role in being a series popular. The audiences normally enjoy the environment of a scene. So the shotting location should have attractive. At first, it was shot in Switzerland. The other shooting locations were Jeju, Incheon, Busan, Chungju, Pocheon, and Taean. These are the locations of South Korea.

Perfect Soundtrack

The soundtrack is also an important this of a movie or TV series. Whenever you add the best soundtrack, the movie or TV series will be more attractive. The perfect soundtrack was added to this TV series to get this type of popularity.

Hyun Bin’s Pouty And Sulky Expressions

The expressions of the actor and actress play an important role in a movie or TV series. Hyun Bin is the actor in Crash Landing on You. Hyun Bin added some pouty and sulky expressions in this TV series. These pouty and sulky expressions made this TV series more popular.

Crash Landing On You Movie Review

Crash Landing on You, the best TV series that I have ever seen. It would still be my favourite one in 10 years. It is the second-highest-rated Tv series for its storyline, shooting locations, the best expressions of the shooting stars, etc. The perfect soundtrack was used in this series. You all should watch this awesome series without wasting any more time. I think it will also be a favourite one for you. Son Ye Jin, a very talented, beautiful, sweet, and hardworking actress, acted very nicely in this series. And Hyun Bin, we all know about this famous actor who added very pouty and sulky expressions in this series. It is a fantastic drama so far without any boring moment. You all will enjoy it so much. I had been a big fan of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin after watching this drama. So don’t waste your time and make sure to watch this popular and top-rated Tv series named Crash Landing on You.

Here we wanted to inform you about the reasons behind the huge hit of Crash Landing on You. We add these pieces of information from a very trusted website. But the information we add may not be 100% accurate. If you can find any wrong data, please inform us of the right one by your comment on the comment box. Please stay connected with us for further updates.


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