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Only a movie is enough for changing our minds and attitude at any time. A Taxi Driver, a kind of movie in South Korea, will tell the story of a widowed taxi driver. This is a historical action movie and has an emotional range that will provide you more pleasure. My personal opinion is to watch this movie. The movie summary and audience review of this review are given in the following discussion.

A Taxi Driver Movie

From the South Korean historical action drama film, A Taxi Driver is one of them. Jang Hoon was the film director of this movie, and it starring Song Kang-ho and Thomas Kretschmann. Initially, this movie was released on August 2, 2017, based on a real-life story. Park Un-Kyung and Choi Ki-sup were the producers of this movie, and Eom Yu-na wrote this movie’s story. This movie was produced in three languages – Korean, English, and German. This movie has a duration of 137 minutes. This movie has a mind-blowing storyline.

A Taxi Driver Movie review

A Taxi Driver Movie Summery

This movie’s main character is Kim Man-seob, a taxi driver and a widowed father. This movie generally proves that any big or popular person can make fault like an unstoppable star Kang-ho Song.

One day Kim Man-seob hears that one other taxi driver is talking about a foreign client. That client wants to travel to Gwangju for the day and return to Seoul before curfew, and for this drive, he will pay 100,000 won. If we convert this won to USD, it may be roughly 565 USD. But unfortunately, Man-seob can not get this client. The name of that client is Jürgen “Peter” Hinzpeter, and he is a West German journalist. He wanted to travel to report on the increasing civil unrest in Gwangju. But before heading off to Gwangju, Man-seob meets Peter and lures him into his taxi.

A Taxi Driver Movie Summery

They both see that all the roads are blocked and heavily guarded by soldiers for going to Gwangju. Then it will be better for them to return to Seoul was told by Man-seob to Peter. But the answer from Peter was negative, and he refuses to pay the 100,000 won unless they reach Gwangju. Man-seob introduces Peter as a businessman and then able to enter the city. They find all the shops are closed and the streets are deserted in Gwangju. There they face students and ordinary citizens who were taking part in large-scale demonstrations against the government. Then Kim Man-seob wants to back to Seoul though Peter ignores him.

By taking the assist of university student Jae-sik and a Gwangju taxi driver named HWANG, he started to shoot with his camera. But the situation was becoming more serious as time was passing. The people of that city committee fire Kim Man-seob’s taxi though they are able to survive themselves; after all this, Kim Man-seob returns to Seoul with his daughter.

In South Korea, 23 years later, Peter receives an award for his report on the Gwangju Uprising. After watching Peter’s speech, Man-seob realizes that he is more grateful to Peter and misses him.

A Taxi Driver Movie Review

A Taxi Driver is a must watching movie, I think, because it is produced on a real-life story. In this movie, the famous director Jang Hoon provided some moral and social messages to the audience. He also shows the way of changing every single detail in their benefits by politics and media. For this reason, this is a moral film for the peoples who live in a society. We all should watch this movie, and among us, who didn’t watch this movie yet, I personally recommend to watch this movie as soon as possible. This action movie has an IMDb rating of 7.9 out of 10 with 15,547 IMDb votes. This movie also has 19 wins with 32 nominations for its awesome storyline and marvelous acting of all-stars. So without wasting any more time, watch this film as soon as possible.

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