Train To Busan: Best Koran Zombie Movie

Korean SubtitleNovember 10, 2020

Did you watch Train To Busan movie? If you didn’t watch yet, let me alert you about the spoiler. This content will have a little bit of a spoiler of Train To Busan. I suggest you not to read this article before watching Train To Busan, a popular Korean Zombie tale movie. Train To Busan is a 2016 horror-action Koran movie. This movie one of the successful Zombie movies that got a total of four awards. We will discuss here in this article some points of the movie that you may don’t know. Let’s get started.

Train To Busan Zombie Apocalypse

Director Yeon Sang-ho didn’t explain clearly about the Zombie apocalypse in the Train To Busan movie. If you have watched that movie already, you saw it starting; the main character Seok‑Woo is in an office. He was talking with the shareholder not to sell their share. Thus he did sell his share himself. Why he did this, whether he sold his share?

‘His company tested on a virus, and somehow the virus leaked out and spread over the man and animal. In the starting, a deer has an accident with a track. The deer was near death. But later, the deer wake up and become a zombie.

Train To Busan Zombie Apocalypse

In the next point, some people were traveling by train, including all the central characters. Before starting the train, one woman also gets on the train. But she was attracted by a Zombie and also become a Zombie. She then bites one of the woman train workers. This is how the apocalypse starts.

After affected by the virus that was lacked by the Biological factory of Seok-Woo, some people become zombies first. But factory share-owners and other employees didn’t know about this matter; they didn’t even know how terrible the virus was! They took that matter so easily and didn’t take any effective steps to prevent or stop the apocalypse.

Train To Busan Zombie Apocalypse in train

Train To Busan Review

Seok‑Woo is the manager of the company from where the virus leak. At the starting of the movie, we saw Seok-woo was talking with someone on the phone, and he was terrified of something. We see that the next day was his only daughter, Soo‑an’s birthday. Seok-woo divorced his wife for the problem between them and didn’t contact his ex-wife. But his daughter wants to meet her mother, who lives in Busan. They decided to travel by train and the day of their journey came out as a nightmare. They got attacked by Zombies on the train.

The train compounder decided to turn their journey to Seol. Because that city didn’t attack by the Zombies yet. After so many difficulties, Soo‑an and another pregnant Sung-Gyeong survive. Seok-Woo sacrificed his life to save his daughter. There was a person whose lover was attacked by a zombie on the train, and she becomes a zombie. But he tried to reach his lover and open the safety door. That way, all of them fall in heavy danger. The other passengers decided to lock Seok-woo, his daughter, a pregnant woman, and two others. Though they were locked, that’s why survival was a little bit easy for them.

Train To Busan Review

This movie is one of my favorite horror movies! Although Seok-woo firstly appeared as a self-centered and rigid person. But later, it feels like a softer character emerges by Gong Yoo (Seok-woo). In the progress of the movie, the story turns into a terrifying and heart-touching moment. A father was trying to protect his daughter and a man with empathy who was ready to extend a hand for others’ sake.

Zombie: Train To Busan Movie

Zombie: Train To Busan

As we know, the Zombie-virus of Train To Busan leaks out from a biological factory in the South Korean countryside. The director didn’t explain why they made or tasted that virus and how it got leaked out. Maybe the director has a plan to explain that matter in the sequel. Already Train To Busan 2 movie has released. All we can do, wait for the next sequel. I hope you enjoyed this movie. This movie is considered one of the best Zombie movies in the South Korean film industry.


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