The Beauty Inside: A Popular Romantic Korean Movie

CeevitApril 4, 2021

We all know about the 2020 internationally award-winning movie was Parasite which is from the Korean Industry. Undoubtedly parasite is a masterpiece movie. Not only the parasite, but there have also been so many movies grows up from the Korean Industry. This industry has made its own place in the international movie market through its uniqueness.

Today I am gonna write about a very simple Korean movie, which has an extensive meaning under its simpleness. The name of this movie is The Beauty Inside, which was released on August 20, 2015. This movie has a total of 7.5 IMDB ratings through 5605 votes. This movie was directed by Baek Jong-Yul and produced by Park Tae-Joon. This movie is based on the same name’s social film, which was released in 2012. So let’s get started about the plot of this movie.

Storyline Of The “The Beauty Inside”

Spoiler Alert…!

Before reading the plot, I would like to say it consists of a little of a spoiler.

If I am going to define the entire plot of this movie in a word, I would like to say that “A woman falls in love with a man whose body magically changes age, gender, or nationality every single day.”

The story of this movie starts with men whose name is Woo-jin. Generally, the storyline of this movie quite different from the other’s movies of the present time. Woo-jin wakes up every day and becomes a new person. Sometimes old, sometimes boy to girl, sometimes small child, sometimes Japanese, sometimes American who has no exact address. His house is filled with his necessities. Such as glasses, foot size measuring instrument, young, old, children, men, women all kinds of clothes, glasses. Because one day, it cannot be said whether he becomes a human being. It all started 12 years ago on the day he turned 18. It has been going on since then. No one knows about this except his mother and a close friend. She is also a furniture designer and maker by profession. Most of the work is done online, but his friend goes as a manager where physical presence is required.

One day Woo-jin suddenly saw Yi-soo in a furniture store. He was a middle-aged man that day, and he likes her. Then he thought that he should wake up as a young man after he has slept soundly. That’s it. As a very handsome person, he woke up the next morning and went to see Yi-soo. He Bought furniture and offered dinner to Yi-soo. And gradually they became very close. That’s why Woo-jin decided he wouldn’t sleep because whenever he wakes up, he became a new person. Thus they met for 3 days. But one day, when Woo-jin was traveling by train, and he fell asleep on the train. Then? To know what was happened then, it would be best for you to watch this movie.

The Beauty Inside

Movie Review

People say true beauty lies inside; is that really so? I don’t think so though I know it. We give a lot of dialogue; one of them is The real beauty is in Mind. It doesn’t matter if it is a big external beauty. Let’s say you, when waking up every day and become a new person, what will happen to your mind? Doesn’t it mean that you are becoming a new person mentally? It is not a completely new person; the mind is empty, the soul is yours, but the body changes every day; what will you do?

That’s the exact point which this movie has shown. It is a very enjoyable movie. Everything in this movie is good such as the movie plot, acting, etc. It is not a very complex, thriller, or twisted movie; the story is very simple, but it’s carrying a significant amount of meanings. The viewers would like to watch another style’s movie, another stories movie or something different type movie, I recommend them to watch it. My personal rating is 8.0. If you have already watched this movie, please share your feelings in the following commenting section.


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