Marvel Sentry Powerful Fact: Why Sentry In More Powerful?

Korean SubtitleMarch 31, 2021

MCU is well known to all movie lovers for their comics and superhero movies. We don’t even know how much superhero marvel comic has. Marvel comic superhero Sentry appeared in The Sentry #1 in 2018. After his appearance, there are lots of questions in our minds like who Sentry is, how he got his power, how powerful he is, and who can beat him, and more. I was wondering if he can beat DC superman? Just kidding. Let’s have some discussion about the most powerful superhero of marvel comic, Sentry.

Who Is Sentry And How He Got His Power?

The real and most powerful thing is that the sentry can revive any corpse with a single touch. Sentry is immortal. There is absolutely no chance of ending the sentry. As long as the sentry does not want to die of his own free will, the sentry will not die. That means if the sentry wants to die of his own free will, he will die. So even if someone cuts the sentry into pieces, he will regenerate himself and come back alive. Even if Sentry is removed from reality, Sentry will come back again.

At one point, the sentry repeatedly approached the sun and tried to commit suicide. Yet Sentry did not die. Every time Sentry tried to melt himself in the sun; he came back to life again. Because he has a deep relationship with the sun. Since Sentry received the explosive energy of more than one million suns after injecting Golden Serum, the main source of Sentry’s energy is the sun. The surprising thing is sentry can fly close to the sun in a minute. That means he can fly like DC’s superman or more than him.

Even after Sentry was torn to pieces by Molecule Man, Sentry could normally survive through healing. Sentry destroyed the entire Asgard kingdom in a matter of seconds. Sentry carnage takes Carnage into space and tears him apart. Even Void K ripped up. Then Sentry void was thrown to the sun. He once flew Shi-Hulk from New York to New Jersey. He can detach any aircraft with one hand. Sentry easily carried a huge shield Helicoria ship, and he has the ability to collide with cosmic beings at a rate similar to that of galaxies. Sentry’s power is infinite; there is no limit to his power. Sentry can control molecules and matter; on the other hand; he can control light and weather. He can dodge the bullet of the gun very quickly.

And if the sentry takes on a void form, that void can create a dark, dark, deep, horrible environment. “Voice sentry” is more powerful than base sentry. However, the most powerful version of Sentry is “Death Seed Sentry.” This Death Seed Sentry is probably the evil future version of Sentry. Originally represented Death Seed as the Angel of Death. On the other hand, Sentry merges with the void to form the “Merged Sentry” form. Normal base sentry hair is usually blonde, and this normal sentry costume is yellow. But after merging with Void, the hair of this merged sentry is now black, and the costume is red. And Death Seed Sentry’s skin color was different blue, and his hair color was white.

Is Thor Can Defeat Sentry?

Despite being more powerful, Thor can’t defeat Sentry because, as you know, Sentry is not mortal, and he can rebuild his body structure and even soul. Whatever Thor does with him, he will come back to life again. The only way is to kill him; need to make him feel like he wants to die. If it doesn’t happen, nothing can stop Sentry. But yet, Sentry can’t beat Thor, no way. Finally, I think I’ve got my answer; Sentry is actually more powerful than DC’s superhero superman.

So, this was about Sentry and the secret of his power (he got his power from the sun). Marvel comic is more than we know; I will write another superhero again, wait and stay connected.


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