Is Zombie Possible In Real Life? (Based On Zombie Movie)

Korean SubtitleNovember 10, 2020

Zombies apocalypse is nowadays featuring in many books, movies, and TV series like it is too real. Zombie is the thing that transfers some virus to a living person through a bite. After the bite, the living person becomes Zombie too and tries to bite another living person. When we think about Zombie, we imagined an undead, rotten, crushed-faced man who will not stop at anything until eating you alive.

Is Zombie Possible In Real Life

So now the question is, are they real? Is there any chance that Zombie actually could exit?

Possibilities Behind Zombie’s Existence

Ancient Greek put a big store on the chest of a dead man in the grave so that they couldn’t wake up. It seems like that we believe in a dead walking man. If you believe in rumors, then believing in zombies is reasonable. You may be thinking, how is that possible? Let me explain. Think about the Coronavirus. If someone infected with Coronavirus and then he touches you, or somehow virus passed into your body by that person, you will also be Corona invaded. So being Zombie by the virus of another Zombie is possibly accepted.

There the thing, we see Zombie in the movie. They tried to make people like them, the bike people. But it’s not possible.

Possibilities Behind Zombie's Existence

Zombie Ant

Voodoo religion believes that Zombie is not actually a villain. They don’t scary either. They are just seen as victims. Based on Haitian folklore, Bokor, a voodoo witch, created Zombie by their black magic. People think they made a toxic powder by using some ingredients like herbs, shells, animal parts, and bones. With the mixing of some deadly neurotoxin, they made tetrodotoxin named Zombie powder. When they threw those powder into a man, that man faced difficulty in walking and talking. Over douse of that powder could make a man appear like an undead walker.

These people can’t talk, but they become afraid of people. They don’t lose themself. Some of them still have a real sense after taking the toxic powder.

Sorry Zombie, Science Is Not On Your Side

Although Zombies are now a trending thing to the world’s living people, they are visible, real in the movie, books, TV-shows what science says about zombies’ existence. The answer is science is not on Zombie’s side. That means Zombie is not possible in real life. But there must have some roots of Zombie. After lots of research, we know now that many viruses could harm our brains badly. In the 1950s, tribes of Papua, New Guinea, got affected by a virus named Kuru. There were 2100 cases of Kuru found in these tribes of Papua at that time. Kuru affected people’s brains got damage. They started to eat men and women.

Sorry Zombie, Science Is Not On Your Side

The man who lived after Kuru victims ‘ attract, they affected by the Kuru virus too. There are lots of viruses and cases like that. In the movie and real life, Zombies are just a fictional character. How possibly could a man walk after his death? When death means a living entity experiences irreversible cessation of all functioning of a person or organism. If somehow people lost their sense because of some vaccine or poison or whatever! But if his body organism doesn’t work, how could that person walk or bike or run after another person?

My Opinion

There is maybe not something like Zombie who wants to bite and eat a living person’s brain. But there is really something like that. I think Zombie is the thing of a fictional story. But viruses, diseases are possible. So you can’t just leave this matter and smiled at it. Zombie is a matter of consideration. In the movie “Train To Busan” and “Train To Busan 2,” the director brought forward Zombie apocalypse to the audiences. You can watch the movie how a virus can harm a man’s brain. I’m not talking that Zombie is real, but become a person like Zombie, or become someone who lost his/her mind or mad, is possible as we see around us.

Zombie Virus Affected

Tell us something about what you think about the Zombie apocalypse. We want to hear your opinion. Is it really possible? Are you ready if something happens like a Zombie apocalypse? How could we be able to face that kind of problem?


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