Be With You (2018) Korean Movie Explanation Of Ending Part

CeevitNovember 15, 2020

Be With You is a romantic Koran film, released in 2018. This movie is decorated with a mind-blowing romantic story. The famous Korean director Lee Jang-hoon directed this film. This film is the remake of a Japanese film of the name “Be with you.” The star actors of this movie are So Ji-sub as Woo-jin and Son Ye-jin as Soo-ah. Basically, the plot of this movie is decorated with a heart touching romantic story. I am going to write about this movie, keep reading if you are interested.

Plot Of Be With You

(Spoiler Alert…!)

Are you ready to know about this movie’s plot? Before that, I am informing you about the spoiler alert. If you are interested in watching this movie, then stop reading and watch it first.

Be With You

“Be With You” I like this movie a lot. It is one of the best romantic Korean movies I’ve ever seen. If I want to say the plot of this movie in one word, then it is “A year after her death, a woman returns without memories.” Isn’t it sounds a little strange to hear? Yes, the plot of this movie is made based on this small sentence. But I’ll tell you that this movie definitely one of the most romantic films in the Korean film industry.

Now listen to this movie’s full plot; Soo-ah, the heroine of this story, makes an unbelievable promise to her husband Woo-jin before she passed on. The promise is that she will return to them one year later at the start of the rainy season. For this, her son waits for the rain with impatience. But then you will be shocked to see what happened, miraculously she keeps her promise and reappears in front of her husband and son. But the problem is she has no memories about the past; I mean a man with no memories. But it matters to feel bad that the reunion of Soo-ah with her family is very short because she has to back to leave her family at the end of the rainy season.

Be with you

Story Ending Explaining

As simple as this movie’s title, “Be With You” may seem very simple, but after watching this movie, you will get the full meaning of these three words. After the breakup of Woo-jin and Soo-ah, One-day Woo-jin came to see Soo-ah. But when Woo-jin came to Seoul looking for Soo-ah, actually she saw him and ran after him. But Soo-ah was looking for, and she overlooked the road, and suddenly a car hit her. When she was 25 years old, then this incident happened.

After this accident, as a result of injury, Soo-ah remained comatose for 6 weeks. During the coma, Soo-ah time traveled and go to the future 8 years after. When she goes on the future, she met her son and her husband at the tunnel; she was 33 years old. After the accident, she loses all her memories; that’s why she couldn’t remember who Woo-jin was. After a while, Soo-ah was rediscovering her past, and she understands that she was actually doing it at 25 years old (during her coma) in her 33-year-old self. Actually, she able to see during her coma that what will happen to her after 8 years. She also realizes that nothing was a lie; everything will happen to her. The end of the rainy season indicated the time to return from Coma. Now it is clear for Soo-ah to decided to be with Woo-jin and have Ji-ho, even she knows that she will die at a young age.

“Be With You” Movie Review

This is the most-heart touching Korean language movie I’ve seen. This movie tells a love story in an interesting way that helps to capture the past and future and sweet moments of falling in love. It establishes important roles in life and sets an example that the end of life is not always happy. But it still teaches us to survive our own life, even more, stronger and fearless.

Thank you for reading this article. To write this article, I have taken a lot of information from the internet, and use some personal opinion. I hope all the mistakes will be forgiven. What is your comment about this movie? To inform me, leave a comment on the below comment box. Stay healthy and love the people closest to you.

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