#Alive (2020) Movie: Another Successful Korean Zombie Movie

Korean SubtitleSeptember 8, 2021

South Korean, another Zombie movie Alive was released on 24 June 2020. Cho Il-Hyung is a popular South Korean movie director who had directed this zombie movie. He had directed this movie based on the 2019 script Alone by Matt Naylor. This script was co-adapted with Cho by him. Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-Hye are the two main actors and actresses who were starring in this movie.

Alive was Globally released to the people of all countries via Netflix on September 8, 2020. this movie had focused on the struggle for survival of a  video game live streamer. Then, During a zombie apocalypse, he was forced to stay alone at his apartment in Seoul. The duration of this movie is 99 minutes.

Alive Movie plot

Spoiler Alert…!

Stay Alive. It is the main theme of this movie. Because this movie is all about a survival game of Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-Hye against zombies. Yoo Ah-in is a video game streamer in this movie. At the first of this movie, we can see that Yoo Ah-in is playing video games named PUBG or Player Unknown Battleground with his friends, and his parents are outside of the city. Suddenly he looks at the news on his television. Then he can know that a virus is spreading in his city. Actually, this was Zombie Virus. Due to this, infected people were becoming zombies.

Then he opens the door and looks outside. He notices that all the people are biting each other. That means the news is right. He becomes very afraid, and at that time, his parents call him. His parents tell him to stay alive. Then his journey starts, and his first aim becomes to stay alive. Then he wrote on a page ‘Stay Alive’ and clipped that on his parents’ photo frame as a motivation.

He locked himself in his flat and used the fridge as a barrier to protect himself from zombies. He uploads a help note regarding Stay Alive on social media. But nobody comes to help him. Because where he lives was totally affected by the zombie virus. The special thing is that these zombies remember their daily routines like hearing, watching, and moving.

Day by day, his food, internet, and network, everything is running short. Then he starts to drink. He was feeling good at the start, but after some days, he started feeling hallucinations that his family had come back home and everything was running normally. But that was not right. At a stage, he thinks that it’s better to die from being a zombie. So that he tried to commit suicide. But then Park Shin-Hye saves his life. Then the two started to survive themselves from a city full of zombies.

In the end, they two were fallen into the trap of a man who was finding food for his zombie wife. Finally, they can come out of that trap and saves themselves.  At last, helicopters approach them in real. By shooting the zombies, they secure both of them. Then both of them get mobile signals, and they become happy after seeing messages from their friends.

Alive movie Review

Alive is the third successful zombie movie after Train to Busan and Peninsula. We all know that Zombies are not possible in real life, but the director, Cho Il-Hyung, nicely decorated this South Korean zombie movie with so-called zombies that were really normal people. This is undoubtedly an amazing movie with an outstanding concept. This movie is like Train to Busan, but Alive is likely a survival movie, not actually a zombie movie.

I personally recommend you all to watch this movie at least once. I hope this movie will provide some thrill and, most importantly, a survival experience. This is not a romantic movie and not also an adult movie. So you all can watch this movie with your family. So if you still have not watched this movie, go and watch this movie.

Actually, this movie was named after the short message from the actor’s parents, ‘Stay Alive.’ I have watched this movie, and I must recommend watching this one. However, I had tried to provide some primary information about this movie. If there is any wrong information, please inform us of the accurate one by adding your valuable comment in the following comment box.

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